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Google Translate Phrases similar to "bellatores" with translations into English bellator brave · cf. feroci Bellatore sedens · combatant · esp. in apposition for an adj. · fighter · fighting man · martial · of war · ready to fight · soldier · valorous · warlike · warrior bellatoribus bellatorum bellatoris bellatorem bellatori bellatore vir bellator

Taxonomy [ edit] Bellator (fish), a fish genus in the family Triglidae (sea robins) Bellator egretta, the streamer searobin Bellator militaris, the horned searobin Anopheles bellator, a mosquito species in the genus Anopheles Blennidus bellator, a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Pterostichinae

Every just throne that stands fully as it should stand on three pillars: first, those who pray; second those who labour; and third, those who fight. Those who pray are clergy, who must serve God and fervently plead for all people day and night. Those who labour are the workers who must toil for that by which the entire community may live.

These warlords and generals were the bellatores, from the Latin for "those who fight". Their main duties were combat and command. To sustain themselves, they held land, but the bellatores were not meant to work the estates provided to them by their lords.

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Inflection of bellātor ( vocative plural) This is the meaning of bellātor: bellator ( Latin) Alternative forms duellātor Origin & history From bellō ("wage or carry out war; fight"), from bellum ("war"). Pronunciation ( Classical) IPA: /belˈlaː.tor/ Noun bellātor ( genitive bellātōris) (masc.) warrior, soldier, fighter Synonyms soldier: mīles

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Les Bellatores (ceux qui combattent). La société féodale faisait que les rois ne pouvant tout administrer, ils confiaient aux Ducs et aux Comtes le soin de gérer certaines provinces. Puis eux-mêmes se liaient à des vassaux qu'il protégeait et qui leurs devaient fidélité. Les seigneurs faisaient construire des châteaux forts où ...

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Noun bellātor ( genitive bellātōris) (masc.) warrior, soldier, fighter Synonyms soldier: mīles Derived words & phrases bellātōrius bellātrīx Related words & phrases bellātulus bellāx bellicōsus bellicus bellifer belligerātor belligerō bellipotēns bellisonus bellō bellor bellōsus bellum Examples Automatically generated practical examples in Latin:

Bellatores are those who guard our towns and also our land against the approaching army, fighting with weapons, just as Paul, the teacher of the people, said in his teaching: 'Non sine causa portat miles gladium', et cetera. 'The warrior does not carry his sword without a cause. He is God's thegn, who for your own good is set to punish evil-doers'.

Usage Frequency: 1. Quality: Reference: Anonymous. circuite urbem cuncti bellatores semel per diem sic facietis sex diebu. and ye shall compass the city, all ye men of war, and go round about the city once. thus shalt thou do six days. Last Update: 2012-05-06. Usage Frequency: 1. Quality: Reference: Anonymous.

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bellatores: Voc. bellator: bellatores: Abl. bellatore: bellatoribus: Example Sentences. Nam inter bellatores principesque dubia erat posita victoria, ut prope videretur finem bellandi duorum dirimere pugna. ~ Caesar, Incerti Avctoris De Bello Hispaniensi Liber.

The Latin terms for the three classes - "oratores", "bellatores" and "laboratores" - are often found even in modern textbooks, and have been used in sources since the 9th century. Commoner: Social mobility for commoners was limited throughout the Middle Ages. Generally, the serfs were unable to enter the group of the "bellatores". Commoners ...

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Latin English Dictionary bellator bellator (bellator, bellatoris) bellator — masculine noun — bellator, bellatoris • warrior, fighter; soldier; • warrior, fighter; soldier bellator — adjective — bellator, bellatoris, bellatoris warlike, martial; of war [~ equus => war horse]; bellator fighting man, warrior. Variations

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