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These are laboratores, oratores, bellatores. Laboratores are those that labour for our sustenance. Oratores are those who intercede for us with God. Bellatores are those who protect our towns and defend our soil against the invading army.

These warlords and generals were the bellatores, from the Latin for "those who fight". Their main duties were combat and command. To sustain themselves, they held land, but the bellatores were not meant to work the estates provided to them by their lords.

brave · cf. feroci Bellatore sedens · combatant · esp. in apposition for an adj. · fighter · fighting man · martial · of war · ready to fight · soldier · valorous · warlike · warrior bellatoribus bellatorum bellatoris bellatorem bellatori bellatore vir bellator man of war more (+3)

Abstract. This article examines the concept of the three orders of society (oratores, bellatores, laboratores) in the works of Ælfric of Eynsham (d.c.1010) and Wulfstan of York (d. 1023).Paying attention to the immediate contexts in which Ælfric and Wulfstan formulated their views on social order, the article contrasts the varying uses of the metaphor with the discussion on social change and ...

bellatores: Voc. bellator: bellatores: Abl. bellatore: bellatoribus: Example Sentences. Nam inter bellatores principesque dubia erat posita victoria, ut prope videretur finem bellandi duorum dirimere pugna. ~ Caesar, Incerti Avctoris De Bello Hispaniensi Liber.

bellātōrēs Inflection of bellātor ( nominative plural) Inflection of bellātor ( accusative plural) Inflection of bellātor ( vocative plural) This is the meaning of bellātor: bellator ( Latin) Alternative forms duellātor Origin & history From bellō ("wage or carry out war; fight"), from bellum ("war"). Pronunciation ( Classical) IPA: /belˈlaː.tor/

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Latin [] Noun []. bellātōrēs. nominative / accusative / vocative plural of bellātor

Noun bellātōre Inflection of bellātor ( ablative singular) This is the meaning of bellātor: bellator ( Latin) Alternative forms duellātor Origin & history From bellō ("wage or carry out war; fight"), from bellum ("war"). Pronunciation ( Classical) IPA: /belˈlaː.tor/ Noun bellātor ( genitive bellātōris) (masc.) warrior, soldier, fighter Synonyms

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The Bellatores Dei (English: God's Warriors) was a secretive group of religious zealots which operated in Francia in the 9th century. Led by a scholar known only by the pseudonym of Isidore Mercator, the group followed his false decretals, believing that Francia had fallen into apostasy and sought to restore the state to order through Christian fanaticism. By 886, the Bellatores Dei was led by ...

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Tools Look up bellator in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Bellator, warrior in Latin, may refer to: Bellator MMA, a mixed martial arts promotion based in the United States Bishop Bellator of Sufetula (5th century) Taxonomy [ edit] Bellator (fish), a fish genus in the family Triglidae (sea robins) Bellator egretta, the streamer searobin

Bellator's name, derived from the Latin word for "warrior," harkens back to the days of the Roman gladiators (although with a bit less death).

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30. Medieval life was controlled by two estates: the oratores - "those who pray" - held religious authority, while the bellatores - "those who fight" wielded political power. But these two orders were but a fraction of the general populace. The great majority of the European population belonged to the order of the laboratores, or ...

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English. he took also out of the city an eunuch, which had the charge of the men of war; and seven men of them that were near the king's person, which were found in the city; and the principal scribe of the host, who mustered the people of the land; and threescore men of the people of the land, that were found in the midst of the city.

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Results for bellatores e mari translation from Latin to English. API call; Human contributions. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Add a translation. Latin. English. Info. Latin. e mari ad terram. English. dal mare alla terra di.

7 submissions from all over the world agree the name Bellator means "Warrior" and is of Latin origin. A submission from Maryland, U.S. says the name Bellator means "Warrior-like" and is of Latin origin. A user from the United Kingdom says the name Bellator means "Thanks". Search for more names by meaning . Submit the origin and/or meaning of ...

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