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Bellatores has implemented a realistic large-scale battle system based on character collisions. It provides fun to use various tactics to maintain or destroy dense battle lines during large group battles. Players can experience realistic and multidimensional combat by using various weapons and performing diverse actions such as utilizing

BELLATORES is a brand new "next-gen" MMO coming to PC this year! Watch us stream on Twitch: Become a Patron over on Patreon! Show more Show more...

Epic Games' Hefty Investment As reported on their Discord, Bellatores has received a significant investment from none other than Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Engine. The investment,...

A seamless open-world title (no map loading) powered by Unreal Engine 5, Bellatores features a unique character progression system that does not rely on levels or preset classes. Instead, players have the freedom to design their own paths based on their preferences. More details below! Creative and Strategic Combat

BELLATORES is confirmed to be a "large-scale PC MMORPG that expands its sales and lifecycle infinitely with the development and service capabilities of Nyou's core personnel who have experience in launching multiple PC MMORPGs, as well as various game platforms and cultural contents. We highly appreciated the IP potential of the company"

South Korea BELLATORES - Korean studio receives USD 25 million investment for Unreal Engine 5 PC MMORPG cinderboy April 5, 2022 Nyou, previously a mobile games developer known for Dragon Chronicles and Duel Summoners, recently announced that it has secured 30 billion Korean Won (around USD 25 million) from its Series D investment round.

r/BellatoresMMO: A fan community for the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG Bellatores by NYOU. Join the community discord aswell with over 200+ … Press J to jump to the feed.

BELLATORES is a free-to-play MMORPG. We currently possess no in-game footage for the MMO, other than a few screenshots and concept art so we have nothing to base combat, or in-game graphics off of. Title: BELLATORES Status : Upcoming Graphics: 3D Genre: MMORPG Developer : Nyou, Inc. Publisher : Nyou, Inc. Playerbase : N/A Rating : (No Ratings Yet)

Bellatores is designed to deliver an engaging and immersive experience through realistic large-scale battles that account for character collisions, diverse weapon choices, and strategic use of cover and evasion techniques. Players will also have the opportunity to participate in role-playing activities, such as operating siege weapons.

Bellatores is an upcoming medieval-themed open-world MMORPG developed by NYOU, a South Korean game development company. The game is made in Unreal Engine 5 and has no release date yet. It...

The video, titled "Bellatores: Environment and Graphics," offers players a glimpse into the beautifully crafted world of Bellatores, complete with stunning environments, creatures, and characters brought to life using the power of Unreal Engine 5. The one-minute … Read More

Hello to all MMORPG fans around the world! We are excited to announce the opening of Bellatores' official website. Please click on the link below to experience the world of Bellatores. Thank you! *Official website: https:// *Facebook: ...

As another addition to the vast MMO Gaming Industry, Bellatores has been announced as an massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game set to release in the year 2022 itself. Here's all we know about the game and the current state of development.

Bellatores is a PC-based MMORPG. It aims to capture the pure and essential fun that a traditional RPG set in a medieval fantasy world should have. Basic gameplay includes hunting, gathering,...

March 10, 2023 Marc Marasigan Comments Bellatores is a new PvP sandbox MMORPG from South Korean development studio Nyou that promises an authentic medieval experience complete with knights, lords, castle sieges, and grim tales of factions and kingdoms at war.

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